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New Journal! STATE CRIME

Journal of the International State Crime Initiative


We are delighted to announce the arrival of State Crime, the first peer-reviewed journal dedicated to state crime scholarship. The journal is interdisciplinary and international and seeks to develop deeper understandings of state crime and institutional deviance. Topics on which articles are invited include: torture; genocide and other forms of government and politically organised mass killing; war crimes; state-corporate crime; state-organised crime; natural disasters exacerbated by government (in)action; asylum and refugee policy and practice; state terror; political and economic corruption; and resistance to state violence and corruption. The journal is keen to feature both empirical and theoretical studies.

 The journal will be published twice yearly by Pluto Press from April 2012. Details of the editorial and peer review arrangements can be found in the Editorial Board and Notes for Contributors section. Articles should be limited to 8,000 words and written and submitted in accordance with the guidelines for authors.

 All queries should be directed to the editorial board at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.