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Crimesider [CBS news]

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  1. The rampage began after authorities got a call about a domestic dispute, investigators said
  2. The victim, Special Agent Michael T. Walter, was an 18-year veteran of Virginia State Police who previously served in the Marine Corps
  3. Did a desire for the lifestyle of the rich and famous drive a socialite to kill or did the mob target her gambler ex-husband?
  4. A woman who says she killed her Olympian husband in self-defense gives her first TV interview to "48 Hours" -- did he abuse her, or was it murder?
  5. In her first TV interview, Jane Laut tells "48 Hours" why she shot and killed her husband
  6. Police say two men were stabbed to death when they tried to intervene as a man shouted hate speech at two young women
  7. Police say witnesses heard the children making noises and saw the car shaking before calling 911
  8. Jeremy Joseph Christian is accused of violently attacking two men on a train in Portland
  9. Since Malvo's conviction in 2002, the Supreme Court has ruled that mandatory life sentences for juveniles are unconstitutional
  10. Tommy Arthur was executed early Friday after having seven previous execution dates postponed
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