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Crimesider [CBS news]

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  1. Franz Wrousis, 50, is accused of attacking two employees of a health insurance company
  2. Police arrested Jordan Lamonde on Monday, in connection with the June 12 attack on 18-year-old Erin McCarthy as she was leaving her job at the gym
  3. The video appears to show the shark, tied by its tail, being dragged behind a speeding boat
  4. Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Lucky Whitehead's identity was falsely used in shoplifting arrest, police say
  5. A witness said the man sprinted at police after a Taser was deployed at him
  6. Winston Blackmore never denied having the wives as part of his religious beliefs that call for "celestial" marriages
  7. Jessica Edens used a gun she stole from her parents to fatally shoot her two children, a woman at her estranged husband's apartment complex and herself, authorities in South Carolina said
  8. Concerned residents called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission after Shaun Sparks allegedly tried to sell them the alligator's tail
  9. A woman spotted the girl crying and walking without shoes
  10. The child was reportedly found dead outside a home owned by his grandfather, a Tennessee mayor
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