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Fraudulent privatisation: the Irish hospital sweepstakes Jan 2017 Written by Martin Dorgan 2141
Native-immigrant conflict in the cities: evidence from Italian refugee-crisis management Dec 2016 Written by Daniele Ferretti 5273
Fighting ISIS: learning from the Irish experience? Jan 2016 Written by Ciaran McCullagh 6253
Recovering possibilities – discovering the rich promise of a moral foundation to economy & society Nov 2015 Written by Michael D. Higgins 7105
Bareknuckle prize fighter: Danny's story Jul 2015 Written by David Moxon 7145
Parkour: preventing crime through urban involvement May 2015 Written by Janos Szakolczai 8532
Irish policy review glosses over prison problems Feb 2015 Written by Kevin Warner 5736
"People spit in my face for being Muslim" Sep 2014 Written by James Carr 9967
The American 'war' on drugs and the expansion of domestic state power Aug 2014 Written by Steven Robinson 7856
“Knackers” and “baby-murderers”: two social censures in contemporary Irish society Jun 2014 Written by Naomi Dowds 8017
Censure and motivation: re-balancing criminological theory Jun 2014 Written by Mark Horsley 9400
Welfare to social control: a neo-liberal transformation Apr 2014 Written by Tom Boland 9654
National Socialist Law and the Censuring of Modernist Culture, Art and Literature May 2013 Written by Anthony Amatrudo and Fritz Wefelmeyer 8564
Power, Crime, and Society: Internal Issues Facing Contemporary Criminology Jan 2013 Written by Johannes Wheeldon and Craig Harper 8012
Power, Crime and Society: External Issues facing Contemporary Criminology Oct 2012 Written by Johannes Wheeldon and Craig Harper 12723
Securities fraud, Goldman Sachs and critical criminology USA Sep 2012 Written by Matthew G. Yeager 7110
Early interventions, troubled youth and labelling Jun 2012 Written by Ros Burnett 10745
Restorative justice, restorative approaches and schools Jun 2012 Written by Carol Hayden 8354
Probation, economic insecurity and justice reform: the Arab Spring and lessons from Latvia Jun 2012 Written by Johannes Wheeldon 7891
Predicting young criminals Jun 2012 Written by Sean Creaney 14966
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