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Newsletter 10


Hi all, and welcome again to new members!

During the last two months, we were joined by students from the University of Ulster - hopefully, you all received your welcome email, if not please do let me know. You join students from many universities who use CrimeTalk on a regular basis. Do use it to the full and contribute with articles and comments - we want to hear your voice. Just log in, after registering, to post or comment. If you have some good work, send me an excerpt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you might find you'll soon be a published writer! Short comments of under 1,500 words around some important data or law or media output are the most likely to get published.

It was another record-breaking period for CrimeTalk: unique visitors shot through the roof in March, smashing the 3,000 barrier and going on to a best ever 4,396. April hit 4123, so we've clearly moved onto a new level. Nothing compared to MumsNet, but it's good for what people see as a study resource. Membership rose to 183 and the Twitter following stands at 1013; all of which is good considering I have done little marketing and am retaining high standards of content. It would be easy to double the numbers by halving the standards....

This month, the other major development was that we finally launched CrimeTalk Booksand became a full-fledged publisher. The first publication is the Spanish translation of my obituary to the sociology of deviance: Sociologìa de la Desviación: un Obituario. This will be in h/b, p/b and 2 e-book formats. The paperback is now available, with the hardback and e-book to follow soon. It will be closely followed in May by 2 e-books: on Bhopal [Frank Pearce and Steve Tombs] and Nino [Amedeo Cottino]. Support CrimeTalk by buying our books! They are bought through YPD Books, a service for independent publishers: 

YPD Books

This first book is academic but I am very interested in publishing less technical but high quality, shorter, and popularized e-books. Submissions, and discussions about submissions, are very welcome. The e-book world is exciting, and not just new technology but a format enabling new creative forms using weblinks, photos and video. 

CrimeTalk Books

Sociologìa de la Desviación: un Obituario

My idea of Correspondents is not working out as well, because even with enthusiasm everyone has to do their 'day job'. However, I will persevere with that idea and so welcomemore Correspondents from all over the world to contribute local news, short comments, tweets, etc and to commission articles. The work does develop journalistic skills and knowledge of social media and so suit the journalistically inclined grad student or young prof/lecturer - I'll train up anyone who wants to learn these skills. Trust me, they will augment your marketability in today's world.

There have been changes to the site: following useful feedback I created a CrimeTalk Help and Info box on the front page bottom right; I've created a Forthcoming box to advertiseCrimeTalk Books on the top right of the front/home page; modified the weblinks archive; built a Latest Links list on the Archive page for a quick catch-up; gathered most of my own writings in a new Editor's Blog module; and I've revamped our Facebook page...and probably other tinkering.

This month, because of CrimeTalk, I was invited to the press screening of At Home with the Noonans, a new documentary series on a powerful Manchester gangland family, based on 10 years' filming directed by Donal McIntyre, one of Britain's top investigative reporters. Reviews of the series which began on CI [the Crime and Investigation channel, Sky 553] are most welcome and will be fed back to Donal and the production team: see At Home with the Noonans. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of greater two-way collaboration withtelevision companies and investigative journalists.

Finally, all UK readers, do please understand that you can help me cover my costs quite simply and painlessly by buying anything from Amazon via CrimeTalk. The small commission we get will help sustain the project. Books can be bought through ourBookshop, and for anything else just use the Search box on the Bookshop page to do your buying. Please support us!

Thanks for your continued interest in CrimeTalk,

Colin Sumner

Editor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As always, this last month or so we published a huge range of interesting stuff. Some feature articles:

Nino, Part 6: Prison, criminal culture and the possibility of change

Financially Respectable Crimes of Wall Street

Several of the InBrief comments were exceptionally popular:

Lost innocence: children accused of sex crimes in Hong Kong

A Greek tragedy as suicides soar

Facebook foolishness by lawmen

US soldier massacres Afghan civilians

Going straight, or not, after a prison sentence

Where next for criminal justice?

The barbaric incarceration of America's youth

Bronx activists defend abortion rights

The Crime and Disorder Act - overlapping legislation or a forgotten philosophy?

Masses of really useful Social Data was uploaded:

Poet Laureate takes on the witches

The Titanic: class, crime, negligence and recklessness

Talibe: the least favored children of Senegal

The prohibition of illicit drugs is killing and criminalising our children and we are all letting it happen , says Australia 21

Mexican drug trade hits the poor families hardest

Media intrusion and human rights

Mining and crimes against native populations in a neo-colonial economy

Web of greed: Toxic bank Goldman Sachs' web of global pals

Guardian/Mixmag drug survey reveals a generation happy to chance it

Snooping: Home Affairs Committee inquiry into private investigators

How People with Mental Illness Perceive and Interact with the Police

“When I Die…They’ll Send Me Home”

Freedom of the press and statutory regulation – lessons from Finland?

Statistical bulletin on the summer 2011 riots

The Harper Government Omnibus Crime Bill

Quantitative easing - the comedy

The Archive of weblinks was expanded again and there were some highly selective but landmark press cuttings. The resource is growing! We live in interesting times.

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