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CrimeTalk Books


An educational resource at the heart of criminological teaching, debate, and research


CrimeTalk Books

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CrimeTalk Books have now published three titles. We will publish both e-books and print volumes, both scientific and general books - in any area of criminology: crime, deviance, criminal justice systems, prisons, criminal law, jurisprudence, morality, psychology, investigation, policing, history, economics, anthropology and social justice. We will be especially interested in both academic and popular books that exploit the capacity of the e-book format, with its potential for integration with the web via its use of weblinks, graphics, photos and video.



The Sociology of Deviance: an Obituary by Colin Sumner.  Pdf and now reprinted in paperback.

SociologГ¬a de la DesviaciГіn: un Obituario by Colin Sumner. H/b, p/b and pdf

Bhopal: Flowers at the Altar of Profit and Power by Frank Pearce and Steve Tombs. Pdf.

To potential readers: we aim to deliver high quality criminology in contemporary formats using the latest technology. 

To potential writers: As a publisher editor and university professor, I am an experienced editor with both books and journals. Your book will get my close attention, and so receive a higher quality service than you can expect from a traditional publisher - you will be working with a social science professor not a young English graduate or an unpublished commissioning editor. Your royalties will be greater than is usual in traditional publishing contracts.

E-books have been very successful with fiction writing and students in the USA at least now regularly use a Kindle or an iPad. Industry formats are converging. There is no reason why quality scholarship or non-fiction cannot be similarly commercially viable. The kind of writing I have been encouraging in CrimeTalk - literary and general not technical and exclusive, high quality but comprehensible - would make good use of e-book formats. As the e-book evolves, it is easy to see it coming into its own as a distinct form of publishing with unique features and possibilities. 

Our first few books will come from myself and people who have written for CrimeTalk. But I am interested in any good ideas, so please do write to me  at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you are interested in publishing with me. Young scholars are especially welcome and may well make the best use of new e-book formats. Our books will be aimed at a broad, global market, and conventional academic manuscripts will certainly be welcomed, providing there are foreseeable sales. Discuss your idea or project with me at an early stage for the most efficient procedure and format. 


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