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Newsletter 7

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Newsletter 7                                           8 Nov. 2011



Hi!  Thank you for being with us. It has been a relatively quiet time on the front page this last 2 months whilst I readied the Spanish translation of my Sociology of Deviance: an Obituary book for publication as both print copy and e-book, and whilst our Correspondents have been moving apartments, travelling to conferences and working on lectures and research. Nevertheless, I was delighted to receive articles from Gregg Barak on serial killer Jack Unterweger and Kate K. on the dangers of cannabis for some users and the mentally ill, as well as publishing Part 4 of Frank Pearce and Steve Tombs's review of the Bhopal disaster and recent legal proceedings.

Our Stakhanovite rate of production will resume apace shortly, and with our first e-book to sell on a new e-book shop page. Of course, driving forward an e-zine of this quality and magnitude is exhausting and expensive, and so I certainly have moments of doubt and depression. However I have a beautiful vision for this thing and will not rest until it has taken full shape. 

We are nearly there regarding the technology with only a few more developments to go. Our next big step forward, after publishing our first e-book [with more being commissioned], will actually be to expand our global reach to its full capacity. There are many friends overseas still to talk to! This last month we reached New Zealand and soon will make our presence felt in Australia. Our registrants now stand at 120, our Twitter following at 633 and our monthly rate of unique visitors is holding at around 1200.

I hope you are all enjoying our amazing Video search engine and getting the full benefit from its 35 million videos. I suspect you aren't.  The same goes for what is now a massive archive of hand-picked press cuttings, tweets, links, blogs, journal digests and videos. I want CrimeTalk to become a daily resource for students of crime all over the world and we are well on the way to building that. Let me know if there are other things you want on board.Those of you who are in higher education: please look at how you can use CrimeTalk for teaching and enabling your students to access news and comment quickly and in a manner familiar to them.

Art has always been important to me as a multimedia thinker, so I hope you like the images by Colleen Allen from her Girls of Woe collection. Colleen herself has a keen interest in the sociology of crime and has been a prison educator, as well as a social worker and parent. I will post more art onsite when and where appropriate.

Please continue to urge people to register so they can log in and post on our forums, and receive these Newsletters and future offers. We are building, amongst other things, a global network of people with similar interests focussing on key issues in crime, criminology and criminal justice.

You are all very welcome to use our Forums and our CrimSoc! The more people contribute to them the more CrimeTalk becomes a two-way street, an internet cafe and a meeting place - and not just a passive artefact to be consumed.

Finally, Christmas is coming and for many of you a new semester after that, so please buy your Christmas gifts and next semester's books through CrimeTalk if you are a UK member. Buying through us is an easy and neat way of supporting CrimeTalk; just go to our Shopand, for books, click on the book and you'll be taken onto the Amazon site using our codename - for other items, please use the Search box below the bookshop [never go direct to the Amazon site because that way we don't get our small commission].  

Colin Sumner


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Since the last Newsletter, we published the following articles on the front page:

Cannabis, Mental Illness and Recovery

Flowers at the altar of profit and power Part 4: the Bhopal 'Settlement'

Unterweger: serial killer, writer, chef, and malignant narcissist

and these articles In Brief:

Occupy Oakland update: City Council smear tactics

Rising suicide rates in Greece

Banking immoralities: rediscovering the 'moral economy'?

Cops use sound cannon, heavy force and rubber bullets at Occupy Oakland

The New York "Miracle"

Child abuse in the USA: low tax, no services, little future

Protests grow around the world

Better policing keeps crime rates down

Bradley Manning now 500 days in confinement

Excessive billing and private profit in Medicare

Mother charged with felonies for "education theft"

Regulating the banks: 2019 to reform - impact on crime?

Homelessness and offending

There have been some useful Social Data sources put on site:

Increase in use of methamphetamine in Australia

NCSR study of Youth Views of August riots 2011

UNODC's 2011 Global Study on Homicide

Education reduces crime: 3-state recidivism study

High rates of mental health issues and risky health behaviours among Australia’s prisoners

When flash mobs stop being fun

US Dept. of Justice Releases Investigative Findings on the Puerto Rico Police Dept.

Young people, alcohol and the media

Gus John Letter to the PM, more riot info, analysis and data maps

and a very, very, long list of press cuttings and tweets...... 

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