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Protests grow around the world

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Anyway, this [CS: a rally in San Leandro, Calif.] was a small but important example of the generalized mood in US society against the banks and the rich and the solidarity Americans of different backgrounds and views feel toward the OWS movement.  The OWS movement shows no signs of fading at this point.  I have noticed an increase in Union staffers at some of the events, young people that the Labor hierarchy sends in to these movements to temper them and hopefully direct the movement solely in to the electoral arena and support for the Democratic Party---they are actually on the clock.   The Union hierarchy has been shamefully successful with this strategy in the past like in the Direct Action Network that existed in the aftermath of the shutting down of the WTO in Seattle in 1999.  But there's no doubt that the OWS movement is determined and it is a national phenomenon and we will have to see where it leads; the authorities are a little cautious about wading in too hard as they don't want to embolden the movement and increase social unrest. These are interesting times.


Protests grow around the world

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