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                                                                                                 March 3rd 2011


Hi all, and a belated happy new year!

It seems slow going since Christmas but we make steady progress and things are beginning to speed up. This is still a developmental period and we've had technical problems to sort out. However the site has an established shape now and we are rapidly increasing the amount of content, as the list at the bottom of this newsletter indicates. I appreciate your patience.

Soon, we hope to increase significantly our public presence. You are a key part of that, so please keep on telling your colleagues, friends and any other relevant bodies about us. Remind them that this is still a free resource. A subscription system is still some way off and I would like to avoid it altogether if I can. Also, if you can get links to CrimeTalk put on your websites, it all helps.

By now, you can see that CrimeTalk is many things and quite an ambitious enterprise, not just a blog but an archive, a forum, an educational resource, a publisher and a shop. Next month, we hope to publish our first e-books.

This last while, we have published our first Feature article, by Gil Geis and Ivan Bunn, our first serialization, by Amedeo Cottino, and begun Regular columns by Steve Hall, Maggie O'Neill, Jade D'Anthro, Frank Pearce and Steve Tombs, Farid Benavides, and myself. Next week, we will begin to serialize a major review of the Bhopal situation by Frank Pearce and Steve Tombs.

We have established the Shop with its specialist criminology bookshop, where you [and your students] can support CrimeTalk by buying your books from Amazon. By using the Search widget, you can essentially buy any Amazon product through CrimeTalk. You'll notice that you can now buy crime-related DVDs and MP3s through us. Please DO.  It's a very good way for you to help fund this project. Note too that now you can sell your own books through our Classifieds!

CrimeTalk now has Facebook and Twitter pages with links back to our site. We now have daily tweets and re-tweets on our Home page, and I hope you find the re-tweets a useful and efficient way of keeping in touch with key, interesting, news items about crime and justice. You can always click on the links in each tweet to go to the original source.

Our BBs or Forums have now been unified - to resolve problems we were having with profile synchronization and the avoidance of multiple log-ins. So the Comment/Forums menu leads you to an area where you can now comment on the news, contribute to or launch a research discussion group, join a self-help or support group or just post some jokes to lighten things up a bit. Please do join in and take the initiative in posting or launching a new forum. These forums have the potential to be public discussion sites that one day play a part in influencing social policy.

I have continued to archive interesting Press Cuttings, relevant web links and all that we publish. Please send in links to press cuttings you would like archived and they will be. It saves having all those newspapers laying around!

CrimSoc: note that you can message each other, and any registered CrimeTalk user, privately within CrimSoc. CrimSoc has enormous technical functionality and we have barely begun to use it. For example, it can be used to post YouTube stuff, podcasts or other video messages, via the Video page, and will one day be used for interviews, global seminars or webinars, with or without video, or video consultancy.

Enough for now!  There's a lot to do! Thanks for your continuing support. Do spread the word and let me know if there's anything you think we should be doing....Below are links to much of the stuff we've published in the last 2 months.

Colin Sumner

Published since the new year: -


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Shorter comments:

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Press Cuttings:

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Chevron's dirty fight in Ecuador

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Various other items:

DVDs and CrimeTunes

Conference list

London Lives 1690-1800

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