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You could write your next book as an e-book with CrimeTalk, and get a decent return on your labour. I will be doing exactly that with my own book on The Sociology of Deviance, in English and Spanish. Just contact me directly if you want to discuss doing the same: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Royalties will vary with author and project but will be over 50% of profits. E-book length could be anything between 10,000 words and beyond, with perhaps between 10- and 40-thousand being normal. Your e-book would be published in both Kindle and ePub to enable all the major outlets. CrimeTalk Books is interested in both academic and more journalistic or popular books.

We will publish print books in the traditional way. Indeed, our first publication will be in hardback, paperback and e-book [Kindle and ePub]. But we are particularly interested in publishing e-books and developing a new style of criminological publishing which is attractive, multimedia, shorter than print books, and fully integrated with the web and social media.

In both cases, the quality will be high, thanks to the printing and other technical services of York Publishing Services and my own high standards, and your book will look how you want it to. If you yourself want to get involved in cover design and other aspects of presentation you will be very welcome.

The reasons for publishing e-books are the same as for print copies: they are not to be seen as a last resort. Far from it. E-books enable more creativity with communication, because they enable graphics, photos, video and the weblinks which connect your text directly up to the web. They are an opportunity to develop your writing. They are also an opportunity to present you work in a shorter, more accessible form because many younger readers today already use iPads, Kindles and iPhones, often read on the hoof, and sometimes, dare I say it, want their information in shorter forms yet still of the highest quality.

So, why not also publish a digital essay or paper here, say between 5,000 and 10,000 words, and sell it through CrimeTalk? The product price can be kept very low indeed and you get the bulk of the revenue from the e-paper. You may well find that your return on a number of essays or research papers is better than on a full book published in the traditional way. And it all stays very much under your control.

Not only that but I would like to think that, as an experienced writer and editor of both books and journals, and ex-university professor, I am able to provide a top-quality and customer-friendly publishing service for authors. I have learned the value of Twitter and social media in developing CrimeTalk so the sales of your publication will benefit from my social media marketing experience. My website presence on CrimeTalk is also a huge bonus because it will aslo market your work to a global criminological audience.

In today's world, you do not necessarily get more quality from academic/scientific journals or books than a decent magazine, website or e-book. You may even get less quality by way of comments and editing. Too often you get little back, and too often you did all the marketing, in what is essentially a feudal system of scientific publishing to fit a feudal university system. Now both those systems are being 'modernized' and whilst capitalism has its problems it is an advance over feudalism.

So, do consider publishing and selling your books and research essays here on CrimeTalk. They will be archived safely for ever and will never be out-of-print or unavailable because the journal has been 'cut back' - and always their publication is under your control. Academics are more and more turning to the e-book: see the articles archived here in CrimeTalk on education and the web.

Read the article below from The Guardian and the comments on it to consider the enormous rise in e-book sales and the pros and cons of e-book readers. Of course, most scholars and students can and do read many digitized materials on their desktop or laptop computers, and no-one wants to do away with books and hard copy anyway!  The bottom line is partly about control and fairness, and partly about the increased capacity of the e-book.


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