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We look forward to hearing from researchers telling us about their projects.  Feel free to use this site to air your research. That's how it should be in an open, truly scientific, community - it is something which CrimeTalk wants to advance in a world of increasing fragmentation and isolation.

Preliminary interpretations and/or results cannot but improve with preliminary public airings such as can be provided by exposure in CrimeTalk. We welcome discussions of research methodology at all levels from draft undergraduate dissertations through chapters of doctorates to pre-publication releases of big project findings. In developing countries, the undergrad dissertation can be the building block of a country's research heritage.  Even a big project, funded with government money, can avoid the pitfalls of a naive media release by early exposure of its methodological progress here on CrimeTalk.

The research diary is always interesting.  Whether it is a tale of funding woe, a tale of how a project came about, or a statement of the pilot project or early impressions, or just a record of what doing the fieldwork was like, it will be of value to record it here and get feedback or initiate debate.  Researchers need to talk with each other and the outside world, and not just with people in their own countries.  It is our view that the more comparative and globalized the research the more likely it will have  a lot to offer.

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