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I hope we will review all manner of media here - newspapers, tv programmes, books, films, magazines, politicians'speeches, novels - and that this review section will in effect become to some extent a 'mediawatch' in relation to crime,deviance, moral matters and criminal justice.  Let's not confine ourselves to newly released materials, but build up an archive of assessment and discussion of items of note on our topic.  

Unlike the traditional journal or magazine review, these online reviews will be open to comment from people who disagree or have a different view - through the Add Comment button at the end of each review.

One final note: I have long believed it is important to consider novels or pulp fiction in criminology. They echo many of the ideas and arguments of our times, and give life to what can otherwise become dull verbal exchanges.

Any review over 1000 words should be agreed with me in principle first.  As usual, I will edit all reviews to ensure best quality of expression and minimum legal liability.  I will consult you on contentious issues, as in academic rather than media practice.

Just let me know if there is a book you wish to review for us and I will get you a free review copy.

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