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Crimesider [CBS news]

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  1. Sister was on list of potential witnesses, prosecutors say
  2. 37-year-old Timothy J. Bates allegedly said he believed he had a chip in his head
  3. Pedro Quezada, 49, will be electronically monitored and confined to his home while he awaits trial
  4. Kayakers on the Blackstone River heard whimpering and were able to rescue the pups Sunday
  5. Despite the increase, the violent crime rate was down 18 percent from a decade ago
  6. Passengers in church van spotted baby on Saturday as they drove along Interstate 40
  7. According to court documents, Emanuel Samson told Nashville police following his arrest that he arrived at the church armed and opened fire on the building
  8. A Kentucky detective said Charles Brandenburg planned to hold the victims hostage while waiting for payment from the boy's stepfather, but instead killed the boy after attacking the mother
  9. Investigators who examined the deadly collision will not recommend charges against the officer involved, who was responding to a call
  10. Robert Caleb Engle credited with saving "countless lives," police say

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