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David Bowie on the impact of the internet

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Jeremy Paxman interviews Bowie. 1999. Sadly, David Bowie died this week. This interview reminds us of why he is often called the prophet of postmodernism as he talks about how anything can be said on the internet amidst fragmented audiences. I just wish Paxo had asked him about the death of the signified and why Bowie felt it had really gone..... and where? Still, he was spot on about the way the internet has changed our conception of what "mediums are all about". The work ain't finished until the audience comes to it. "Art is about the grey space in the middle....." and the twenty-first century is all about that space, says the man.

This interview with Bowie done by Michael Parkinson will speak to many creatives about the ordinary roots of our productions. It includes Bowie singing 'Life on Mars', which shows that creativity isn't reducible to practical simple underlying conditions, even though riddled with them.

Thanks to Clare Leon for bringing the first one to my attention on Facebook.