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Declining moral standards amongst our youths?

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Mike Adorjan kindly sent in this really interesting radio discussion from Hong Kong - on RTHK this morning - in which he is a participant. It is much, much, better than its title..... It asks questions about declining moral standards amongst children in this highly materialistic and information-saturated, internet-based society, and focusses on 'compensated dating', a marvellously contemporary term, it seems, for what used to be unequivocally censured as child prostitution. It raises issues about computer use, lack of communication, understanding today's children, parenting or discipline problems, poor parenting or setting a bad example, and apparently declining moral standards. It then gets onto 'monster parents', as the Cantonese call them, and the question of being 'friends', and overly friendly, with your children. There is also a discussion of the dangers of being too punitive. There is a brief morning news bulletin towards the end - the discussion continues after that.

Declining moral standards amongst our youths?

The participants are:

 Scarlett Pong, District Councilor

Rachel Friedmann, Principal, Carmel School Association Elsa High School

Mary Leung, Board Member, Society of Truth and Light

Dr. Michael Adorjan, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, HKU

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