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Bronx activists defend abortion rights

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Bronx activists defend abortion rights

This brief but very interesting documentation of the current struggle around abortion rights in the USA shows us, I think, where the battle lines are drawn in America today. It's not a new conflict but it has accumulated political meanings over the years and is indeed now a 'live' example of what appears to me to be a huge schism congealing in the USA.

The video is excellent, particularly the lady who says 'this goes way beyond reproductive rights'. She brings out the class character of contemporary politics in her speech: in the reproductive rights struggle, the contemporary Right in the US urges indigent black women to increase their poverty in return for small charitable donations. Abortion used to be treated as a form of social deviance, now the economic need for it highlights the US's need for a system of "free affordable healthcare of a high quality" instead of the present anti-social mess. 

The world is turning. People today frequently deny the legitimacy of the moral condemnations laid on them by the powerful and show how these self-interested censures are indicators of the moral bankruptcy of contemporary conservatism.

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