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US elections: Corruption, bribery and a book signing

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2012 will soon be upon us and, allegedly, the end of the world is nigh - again.... Well, the Eurozone is in serious trouble as we speak, its leading countries, Germany and France doing a chic shimmy this week, neither addressing the sovereign debts issues nor offering to bail sovereign debtors out but simply setting up the fall-guy [the UK] for the forthcoming debacle and failing to offer any serious re-regulation of the banks. Hey-ho, twas ever thus. And so it appears over the pond, as the corrupt, creaking-at-the-seams and unfit-for-purpose US political system faces up to the end of its global hegemony by threatening to elect one of a number of complete political buffoons in 2012. As always, Facts for Working People captures the nub of things:

US elections: Corruption, bribery and a book signing here and there

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