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Cops fatally shoot another young black man in San Francisco

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"Another teenager has been shot and killed by the police. This time in San Francisco yesterday, Saturday 16th. This is a routine occurrence and there are always suspicious elements to it. In this case to my knowledge no weapon has been found.  The cops say maybe a witness took it. For people living in the UK or Europe that think the police have powers there, in the US they can kill with almost no fear of punishment.  They don't hesitate.  They have shot young people, mentally impaired people. The cop that killed Oscar Grant only ended up in court due to the protests and he's already out.  However, that he was charged at all and another one fired was an unprecedented thing here in the US.  In this case they say he shot at them. The issue was a $2 bus fare from what I understand. The video is fairly graphic and the comments below are from Global Grind" [Comments from Facts for Working People, I think; my only point would be that I would think the issue was whether the kid shot at the police not whether he didn't pay a bus fare - see the comments at the end of the Global Grind piece].

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